An automated system for ensuring the reliability and
the quality of the equipment

A. Shalumov, E. Pershin. Accelerated Simulation of Thermal and Mechanical Reliability of Electronic Devices and Circuits: monograph

The monograph presents results by professor Dr. A. Shalumov’s Research School of Modeling, Information Technology and Automated Systems (Russia). The program, ASONIKA, developed by the school is reviewed here regarding reliability and quality of devices for simulation of electronics and chips during harmonic and random vibration, single and multiple impacts, linear acceleration and acoustic noise, and steady-state and transient thermal effects. Calculations are done for thermal stress during changes in temperature and power in time. Calculations are done for number of cycles to fatigue failure under mechanical loads as well as under cyclic thermal effects. Simulation results for reliability analysis are taken into account. Models, software interface, and simulation examples are presented. For engineers and scientists involved in design automation of electronics.

Editor professor A.S. Shalumov. Automated system ASONIKA for modelling of physical processes in radio-electronic means taking into account external influences: monograph (RUS)

Works of School of thought of modelling, information technology and the automated systems (MITAS) are presented to monographies of professor Shalumov A.S. and School of thought «ASONIKA» of professor Kofanov Y.N. a complex of the questions connected with creation of automated system of maintenance of reliability and quality of equipment ASONIKA, by maintenance of virtual tests and firmness to influence of destabilising factors at operation of radio-electronic means on the basis of automated system ASONIKA. These are questions of maintenance of electromagnetic compatibility, certainly-element modelling of mechanical processes and optimisation, maintenance of firmness of radio-electronic means on vibrating insulators to mechanical influences, estimations of time before fatigue failure of conclusions of radioelements, maintenance of indicators of non-failure operation and durability, the analysis and maintenance of thermal characteristics of designs, developments of a database of system ASONIKA. For engineers and scientists dealing in electronics design automation.

A.S. Shalumov, M.A. Shalumov. Experience of application of the automated system ASONIKA in the industry of the Russian Federation: monograph (RUS)

The monograph examines many examples obtained as a result of the long-term use of the automated system for ensuring the reliability and quality of equipment ASONIKA developed under the guidance of Professor Shalumov A.S. at industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation in the design of electronic equipment. The examples are devoted to the modeling of cabinets, consoles, racks, blocks, printed units of electronic equipment for external thermal, mechanical, electromagnetic influences, automated creation of maps of operating modes of electrical radio products and analysis of reliability indices taking into account the real modes of operation of electronic products using the ASONIKA system. Considerable attention is paid to making decisions on the results of the simulation. The obtained results of the simulation are confirmed by tests, as well as reliable operation of the calculated electronic equipment during operation.

A.S. Shalumov, V.M. Iwashko, N.V. Malutin, Y. N. Kofanov, E.Y. Tikhonova; ed. prof. A.S. Shalumov. Simulation of radio electronic means with external thermal, mechanical and other effects with the help of ASONIKA: monograph (RUS)

The monograph presents the common work of the scientific school of modeling, information technology and automation systems of Professor A.S. Shalumova (Vladimir Branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation) and scientists educational institution "Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus". Considered a range of issues related to the creation of an automated system to ensure reliability and quality equipment ASONIKA, virtualization software testing and resistance to destabilizing factors in the operation of electronic equipment based on the automated system ASONIKA.