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ASONIKA-B: analysis of reliability of electronics based on real modes of electronic components

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ASONIKA-DB: electronic components and materials reference database on the geometrical, physical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and electromagnetic reliability parameters

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ASONIKA-EMC: analysis and maintenance of electromagnetic compatibility of the radio-electronic means

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ASONIKA-ID: identification of physical and mechanical parameters of models in electronics

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ASONIKA-M-3D: modeling of arbitrary structures of electronics and chips, created with ProEngineer, SolidWorks and other CAD-systems with formats of IGES and SAT

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ASONIKA-M: modeling of typical structural blocks with mechanical effects design in electronics

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ASONIKA-TM: modeling of printed circuit boards with thermal and mechanical effects design in electronics

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ASONIKA-T: modeling of thermal characteristics with arbitrary design in electronics

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ASONIKA-V: modeling of mechanical characteristics of electronic structures with vibration isolators

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